Wellbeing is edible!

50% of Health and Wellbeing comes from the way we Eat and Drink.
The human body builds its cells out of the food we eat – every day.

Fruits and Vegetables Rainbow

Nature produces perfectly balanced nutritional value. Scientific researches admit that even though we have explored all ingredients of an apple for example we are not able to build a real apple out of these ingredients. It is a perfect artwork in itself like all naturally grown foods.

Health conscious food is all about natural ingredients, wisely combined and carefully prepared.


Here a few points to consider when it comes to our daily choice of food:

  • QUALITY (focus on fresh, natural ingredients and prefer preparation methods like steaming rather than deep fat frying to avoid damages to  valuable nutrients)
  • VARIETY (eat a rainbow of colors, including black as for example black berries over purple like red cabbage and purple potatoes to white e.g. white radish or dairy)
  • WHOLESOME (eat the good carbs in all hulled starches and vegetables if possible with their skin, nuts and seeds,  and avoid or reduce the bad carbs like white sugar, white flour, peeled rice etc.)
  • BALANCE (35 % raw 65% cooked food ratio, avoid pH imbalance or over acidity)
  • MODERATE (eat slowly, consume moderate portions, don’t over indulge too regularly)

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