Herb Oil

I use very often in my recipes herb oil. This ingredient you can’t buy anywhere. And it is best freshly prepared. However – there is always a trick how to preserve it and save time in the kitchen!

What to buy:
25 g fresh herbs
(I recommend a mix of parsley, basil, chervil, dill and rocket leaves, but this does not have to be followed strictly)
60 ml olive oil

How to make it:
Blend the herbs with the olive oil for around 2 minutes in a bar mixer. Then strain the green mixture through a sieve, covered with a cotton cloth. This takes some time and in the end you may press the remaining herbs with the cloth to get the most oil out.
Fill the oil into a small glass bottle, cover it and keep in the fridge.

Chef Gabi’s Tip:
Herb oil keeps for a while in the fridge, around 3 days. I never make too much of it in advance because it discolors and looses its unique flavor. But I pass on a smart trick I have heard from my friends: They keep the herb oil in ice cube containers in the freezer and just take it out cube by cube whenever they require it.
This lovely aromatic oil is wonderful in many dishes, just to finish, or to drizzle over a leafy salad with some fresh lemon juice.

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