Healthy Lifestyle – My Wellbeing Tip No 2

De-stress your meal plan

The modern human being is exposed to a significant amount of stress – influenced by the environment, work, relationships, and poor nutrition.

This is very interesting.
Imagine: With everything available almost everywhere in this world, at any time we want it, we suffer from poor nutrition.

Fact is we have so many processed food items easily available, that the real nutritional, e.g. natural stuff gets into the back seat when it comes to quick meals and snacks. We eat a lot of food with almost zero nutrients. It doesn’t make us stressful instantly, but on the long run. A diet of junk food, eaten regularly, begins to affect our health and slowly builds up stress.

So, what is good nutrition then?

We can upgrade our daily diet with abundant antioxidant nutrients. A colorful and fresh variety of fruits and vegetables protects from damaging effects of free radicals.

For example we can snack on nuts and whole grain products instead of unhealthy potato chips and sweets. We can introduce more raw food to our diet and cut down drastically on junk food and on sugary soft drinks.

Good food is in our hands, literally. And poor nutrition is definitely a stress factor easy to avoid.

More practical tips and recipes are coming soon in this blog.
Stay healthy and keep discovering.

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