Healthy Lifestyle – My Wellbeing Tip No 3

Introduce more PURE RAW FOOD to your daily menu plan

Healthy eating is not complicated. It is much closer to nature than you might expect.

Nature for example provides perfect balanced, wholesome foods. Raw fruits, grains, nuts and vegetables supply a high amount of vitamins, minerals, fiber and  – enzymes.
The body needs enzymes to run smooth and to digest food.

Now please read on:
Only raw and living foods (like sprouts) carry these enzymes to support digestion and to release nutrients out of the food we eat.
Heat (over 40 degrees Celsius) kills enzymes. Ergo cooked food does not carry those enzymes anymore.
Another interesting fact is that it makes a significant difference WHEN raw food is eaten – at the beginning of a meal or at the end.
The human body reacts surprisingly different when cooked food is eaten before raw food is consumed (or if any). It increases white blood cells (leukocytes), a reaction of the immune system against foreign materials or infectious disease.
However, if a certain amount of raw food is consumed first, at the beginning of a meal, it reacts with an increase of red blood cells (erythrocytes). They transport oxygen-rich blood to the body tissues and remove carbon dioxide from the body.
Prof. Dr. Claus Leitzmann, from the Institute for Science of Nutrition in Germany, (my mentor), says ideally the daily raw food consumption should make up to 50 % of the overall food intake to respond to the increased oxidative stress (more about in the next blogs) a normal adult person is exposed in life.
If you now worry how in this world you can bring the suitable amount of rabbit food into your daily menu plan: Review your eating habits and you will find that you can make simple improvements immediately. Have a freshly made muesli (get the recipe here) for breakfast, snack on crudités and unsalted nuts for example, drink a fresh pressed vegetable or fruit juice (see recipe here), order a large raw salad as a first course, eat fresh fruits for dessert and you are almost there.
If you wish to upgrade your kitchen repertoire with some interesting raw food recipes, check this blog from time to time or join my raw food cooking classes (next on May 26, from 11 am to 2 pm in Madinat Jumeirah).

These delicious cherry tomatoes and basil leaves I have picked today from my private garden (very proud of my brave little tomato plant producing every day the perfect amount) – they will be eaten raw of course!

Wishing you a healthy and energized weekend!

One thought on “Healthy Lifestyle – My Wellbeing Tip No 3

  1. Oh Gabi, you are a fine gem!I live in Arizona, 115-120 F not rare in summer. All my plants died this year, hot air, cold A/C kills everything. I cry for my Blue Trailing roses, both dried out. I try to cut them back in hope of Spring..Could I have your wise input? Please dear Gabi..
    My email is, thank you so much..I am Hungarian born aus Siebenburgen:) Forgot my German in 33 years here in US. It is a joy reading your blog;)
    My Facebook is deactivated, too busy for me..All I have is hope to get answer from you….Thank you for BEING….Marra

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