Culinary Bavaria

Greetings from Germany! A visit home comes naturally with some great food I sometimes long for. Coming from a small place in the Bavarian Alps, surrounded by snow covered mountains (a couple of days ago the temperatures went significantly down and new snow appeared over night until 800 m above sea level even in May), I grew up with some phantastic regional food. Come and enjoy culinary impressions from my short trip home to my place in Berchtesgaden:

The pictures below show one delicious dish, that is originally bavarian.  
It is called “Dampfnudeln” – fluffy steamed yeast dumplings with a crispy crust on the bottom. They are usually served sweet, with vanilla sauce. To make them is a science, every household has its own recipe and method. This one is my mother’s typical twist for health food, a savoury version, made with whole spelt flour, stuffed with toasted sunflower seeds and wild spring herbs, in a creamy asparagus ragout. Heaven!

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