Bye Bye Rome – Welcome to Dubai

Bye bye Rome……it was lovely to be there! Here is my last photo before going to the airport.

Already back in Dubai a couple of days, I still owe you the cherries recipe, don’t I?
Apart from just enjoying the very fresh cherries just as they are, delicious!
As we have got now what we call the Hot Dubai Summer (imagine just very very warm temperatures….), refreshments are very much in demand! So I first made a light and cooling dessert, that helps to cope with the weather. It is very easy to make and good to prepare in advance: 

Frozen Yoghurt with Cherries, Peaches and Green Almonds
2 portions
What to Buy
125 ml organic yoghurt
2 tablespoons agave syrup
1 organic orange (you need very little of the grated skin)
8 cherries
1 peach
4 green almonds (optional peeled dry almonds, soaked in water over night)
1 sprig mint leaves  and 1 teaspoon palm sugar for garnish

How to Make It
Wash the orange and grate off some of the skin. Stir it into the yoghurt together with 1 spoon agave syrup. Pour the seasoned yoghurt into 2 portion glasses and keep in the freezer for a minimum of 6 hours. You can leave the glasses in for days, so you can make this dessert in advance and just take it out when you need it. Important: When entirely frozen, the yoghurt glasses need to be transfered 30 minutes before serving into the fridge to defrost slightly. Otherwise the ice is stone hard and not pleasant to eat.
Short before serving peel the peach and cut it into wedges. Cut off wedges of the cherries as well. Open the almonds and release the nuts. Mix the fruits and almonds with the remaining agave syrup. Now dip the frozen yoghurt glasses in hot water for 3 seconds, to remove the parfait from the glasses. This works best with the help of a small knife. Place the parfaits on dessert plates, garnish with the fruits, almonds and mint leaves and sprinkle with some palm sugar.

Enjoy the summer – and expect one more delicious recipe with my Italian cherries soon.

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