DUBAI SUMMER BLISS – home grown tropical fruits

It all startet with fruits and the love for local produce. When I met one of my closer friends here in Dubai years ago, she brought me a plate filled with soubar (not sure about the spelling), an interesting looking crunchy fruit in girly pink and white, growing on a tree in her garden. It is a local tree, producing bean-looking shells that release these cool fruits, once their are ripe:
Honestly, I have eaten them pure, but never made anything else with them until now. They are not really sweet, and have a taste hard to compare with anything I know. I really love them. They are so unique.

By the time our friendship developed, my friend asked me if I could bring a garden tool from a visit home which we use in Germany for easy picking apples from the trees. She needed it for her chikoo tree that had grown so high she couldn’t reach the fruits anymore.

So here you see how I deserve my regular chikoo gifts from her garden…! My apple pick basket is heavy in use.
If you now wonder what I did with them, ok in the beginning I just ate them as they were, the super sweet flesh scooped out of their skin. But then, I thought, why not trying to prepare them somehow? Here are two preparations I can truly recommend. Easy to make, delicious, and the fruit is still raw. Which means you have the full benefits of its Vitamins C and A, the antioxidants, calcium, copper, iron, and dietary fiber.

The ripe fruit is really great to eat pure, but see what else they are nice with: Milk and cinnamon sticks, boiled and simmered for a while to release the cinnamon flavor into the milk, then foamed and placed on top of a ginger and lime dressing brushed carpaccio of chikoos is delicious and makes a great dessert.

Another lovely dish is this Italian Zuppa style dessert:

Easy layered with slightly agave syrup sweetened whipped cream, raspberries, gluten free millet sponge (get the recipe here) and diced chikoos. This dish is good to prepare and tastes much better when it had an hour or so to rest in the fridge. Perfect! So if you happen to have chikoos, you need to try it.

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