Summer Greetings from Dubai

Summer greetings from Dubai !

To maintain a herb garden is providing much culinary joy for a chef. I do have one in Dubai in Madinat Jumeirah (picture on the right with Burj Al Arab in the background) and one in my Bavarian home. These two herb gardens work quite different. While the garden in Dubai comes live and lush in the winter season, the other one disappears under a thick layer of white snow from December until February. And while my lovely Dubai herbs are suffering in the summer heat, I can harvest large bunches of various herbs in Germany. When I am there.
I usually don’t plant any new herbs in Dubai between June and October to avoid my disappointment when the young greens are slowly reducing until they have vanished. Without me cutting them.
But I leave what is already there and strong. And see, what is nicely growing as if weather is pleasant and not hot at all? My mint!
Just to compare: Mint in Dubai ……..

…..and Mint in Bavaria (a different type though, called apple mint)

I love mint. This refreshing taste. So cooling. Perfect for summery dishes. Look at below little salad I made today – steamed baby carrots, fava beans, baby zucchini with feta cheese, toasted pine nuts and a good hand of picked mint leaves. I added a few mint blossoms just because they are so pretty. A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, a dash of fresh pressed lemon juice and voilà, a nourishing, cooling and summery dish is ready to serve.

For aromatic drink with mint you can also see a recipe here.
Enjoy the summer.

2 thoughts on “Summer Greetings from Dubai

  1. Summer greetings from Germany! My herbs now also looks great and the fruits are great too. We had a lots of rain in Germany!!! ….And thanks to the wonderful Blog and the recipes. My favorite is the dates with sage.
    I was in May at the Madinat Jumeirah. This blog reminds me of it again and again to the wonderful time. Thank you!

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