Add some detox food….every day

How to get through the festive season – nutritionally balanced? This might be a question to many of us, considering feasting is contraproductive at times.
Nothing to worry.
As long as we keep focussed on balance and try to keep over indulgence at bay, whilst we add in healthier choices where and when possible and give our digestive system a rest in between.

Some of my easy to make detox tips can be viewed in Gulf News today.

As Resort Wellbeing Chef at Madinat Jumeirah I have combined detoxing and digestion supporting ingredients into one of my favourite raw salads. Carrot, butternut squash, beetroot and ginger mingle on your plate and make the perfect detox mix, packed with vitamins, fiber, and cleansing properties. Try it and order the Talise Detox Salad when you are at the Talise Spa in Madinat Jumeirah and relax after a treatment! It rewards you with good digestion, elimination of toxins and glowing skin.

Stay healthy and optimize glow this festive season!

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