Healthy Lifestyle – My Wellbeing Tip No 5

The importance of food and its interconnection to health and wellbeing can’t be highlighted enough. How much each individual can influence its very own body on a daily basis with just the regular food intake is absolutely fanstastic.

Here 10 Basic Hints about Wellbeing Food:

1 WELLBEING IS EDIBLE the human body builds its cells out of the food we eat – every day. Good nutrition is in our hands, literally.

2 DE-STRESS YOUR MEAL PLAN the modern human being is exposed to a significant amount of stress – one of it is poor nutrition, snacks and meals with almost zero nutrients. A diet of junk food doesn’t make us stressful instantly, but on the long run.

3 SMALL STEPS take small steps towards your lifestyle improvement. Start with something you can implement in your daily routine easily. Because nothing is more rewarding and encouraging than the success of feeling and looking better

4 LIQUIDS the intake of sufficient amount of water, also in watery fruits and vegetables is very important to our overall wellbeing. It helps to hydrate and bolster our cells, and to dilute toxins

5 QUALITY focus on fresh, natural ingredients and prefer suitable preparation methods like steaming or grilling rather than deep fat frying to avoid damages to valuable nutrients

6 FAT is not equals fat. Unsaturated fats in nuts, seeds, avocado and vegetable oils are highly recommendable to maintain good health; however saturated fats in fatty meats, dairy and deep fried products should be kept at a minimum intake. Bear in mind we consume normally far more of the bad fats than of the good fats.

7 VARIETY eat a rainbow of colors, including black as for example black berries over purple like red cabbage and purple potatoes to white e.g. white radish, almond milk, rice milk or dairy

8 WHOLESOME eat the good carbs in all hulled starches and vegetables if possible with their skin, nuts and seeds,  and avoid or reduce the bad carbs like white sugar, white flour, peeled rice and others

9 BALANCE aim for a 35 % raw 65% cooked food ratio, and avoid pH imbalance or over acidity

10 MODERATE eat slowly, chew well, consume moderate portions, don’t over indulge too regularly on less ideal food options

Currently I am working a lot on health related food themes. This is what I love most about my job. You will see and experience TALISE NUTRITION soon within Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts in the near future. I am looking forward to sharing with you news,  good nutritous food, tips and recipes.
Stay healthy and enjoy life!

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