How to hydrate in summer

In the hot Dubai summer my Aloe Vera grows bigger and bigger. At least one of us enjoys the climate…. !
Today I gave it a try to start reducing it a little bit, so it would not take all the place away:

I made a refreshing lemonade with jelly like pulp of the leaves. What to say, it turned out to be a delicious drink I will definitely have again!

aloe 1aloe 2

Aloe Vera Lemonade
1 portion

What To Buy
1 organic lime (juice)
1 teaspoon acacia honey or agave syrup
a small piece of an Aloe Vera leaf (about 3 cm)
250 ml still or sparkling water
Ice cubes

How To Make It
Press the lime juice and stir in the honey or agave syrup. Pour into a glass with ice cubes. Wash the Aloe leaf and peel it carefully. Dice the jelly like pulp finely and add to the lime juice. Top with water and stir well.

Chef Gabi’s Tip
Aloe juice helps to improve digestion. It is good for cleansing and detoxifying the body due to antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.

Here is two versions of my drink, that is now a regular on my personal summer treats. Which one you like better?

aloe 3aloe 4

Talise Nutrition is spreading its wings

Talise Nutrition is spreading its wings….and I am happy to see all our previous work like a puzzle coming together to a whole picture.
Most of us know the basics of healthy lifestyle and acknowledge that embracing it would be a bonus. Since I am in the industry, I strongly believe health food is a field that is still to be explored by food professionals of all kinds. And nowadays I see open minds and some true and consistent steps towards this direction.

At Jumeirah, with the Talise Wellness Brand, we are working on Talise Nutrition healthy food offerings amongst all our Hotels and Resorts worldwide.
So if you spot the Talise Nutrition Icon  flavors of health
for healthier options on the menu – enjoy!

I just wanted to share with you some delicious impressions about about my work (pictures below are from Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai):

Blog 4Blog 1arboretumBlog 2Blog 5
Above Sprouted Quinoa Tabouleh in a cone, Crudites with Beetroot Hoummous, Cucumber Bavaroise with Tapenade, Cottage Cheese with Mango, Watermelon and Mint Honey
Below image shows the generic Talise Nutrition Icon on a buffet, indicating some extra healthy culinary treats we have created. I hope you come and enjoy!
Blog 3

Taste the Flavors of Rejuvenation

Talise Nutrition is one of the three core pillars of Talise, the flagship wellness brand from Jumeirah Group. Because wellbeing, health, fitness and beauty stems from within. The food we eat is the very base for how our cells are built. 

With this in mind we have created

The Flavours of Rejuvenation

for our Talise Spas, which supports detoxification, enhances skin beauty and body shape whilst also boosting relaxation. Three specific icons indicate the potential of a dish and how it supports your body system –

 Spa Skin

Skin Beauty: Enhances radiance and clarity of the skin by providing essential vitamins and minerals.


Spa DetoxDetox: Flushes out harmful toxins that age the skin, whilst also providing nutrients to replenish the skin.


Spa RelaxRelaxation: Promotes a sense of overall wellbeing by calming nerves and alleviating stress.


If you now come to the Talise Spa in Madinat Jumeirah, this new dedicated Spa cuisine is served in chic Bento boxes, perfect for consumption pre and post treatment. Enjoy!

Spa Veg Garden

Luxurious Muesli – Start fresh into April!

I now can reveal the recipe for my latest favorite muesli, as shown and created for MBC1 The Green Apple Show, aired recently. View the video sequence here.
By the way, there is more healthy treats to come soon on this channel. Keep watching it.
To easy make and enjoy this perfect morning treat at home, please follow below recipe.
I am sure you will like it as much as I do!

Luxurious Layered Morning Muesli
2 portions

What To Buy
10g Buckwheat
5g Puffed Amaranth (it is easy to puff Amaranth, as shown in the video, if you want to do it yourself as I do it)
10g Oat flakesmuesli
10g Almonds with skin
50g Mango
50g Papaya
30g Pomegranate seeds
50g Strawberry
10g Passion fruit pulp with seeds
200ml low fat Yoghurt
5g Acacia honey

How To Make It
Toast the buckwheat, the oat flakes and the sunflower seeds slightly in a non stick pan without any fat. Toast the almonds the same way and crush them roughly. Mix the seeds and nuts with the puffed amaranth.

Peel the papaya and the mango. Dice strawberry, mango and papaya and keep separate.
Spoon the prepared ingredients layered into glasses, so you can display the colorful layers: Some seeds and nuts mix, top with yoghurt, one type of fruit. Repeat the same layers with a different type of fruit.

Serve topped with a drizzle of acacia honey.

mbc2Chef Gabi’s Tip
This morning treat is packed with nutrients supporting beautiful skin, shiny hair, strong nails and bones. In the same time it provides you with lots of energy for a fresh start in the day.
p.s. left is one “making of” picture with the presenter Howayda and me,  preparing the muesli. In the back you see beautiful Madinat Jumeirah Resort with its waterways, where guests are transported by boats …enjoy something truly  inspirational about it here.

Heirloom Tomatoes and Sumac – a perfect match

Switching from cooler autumn weather in Munich to Dubai’s still summery temperatures with every day sunshine and a perfect blue sea in the close vicinity, I rediscover my love for light, vitamin rich, raw food.
Arabian flavors are a new favorite of mine – recently I incorporated more and more of the traditional ingredients and tastes into my cooking, thanks to the Jumeirah Munich Culinary Week I was proudly part of.
Try this easy to make salad I am now indulging at home quite often, being a fan of pomegranate since ever, this is really delicious and light. We had a similar dish in Munich served to the guests of Designreisen Deli and journalists alike:

HEIRLOOM TOMATO SALAD with Sumac vinaigrette
2 portions

What to Buy
6 Heirloom tomatoes
2 spring onions (green part)
2 sprigs fresh zaatar
1/2 bunch basil leaves, picked
1/2 pomegranate
1/2 garlic clove
1/2 teaspoon agave syrup or acacia honey
2 tablespoons aged balsamic vinegar
4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon sumac powder

How to Make It
Wash the tomatoes and cut them into wedges. Pick and wash the aromatic basil and zaathar leaves. Slice the spring onion green into very thin stripes and place them for 5 minutes in ice water. Strain them after they have curled up. Open the pomegranate and release the ruby red kernels. Peel the garlic clove and mash it with the salt using the flat side of a knife. Mix balsamic vinegar, agave syrup, sumac, olive oil and garlic mash to a vinaigrette. Arrange the tomatoes on plates, garnish with the aromatic leaves, spring onions, and pomegranate. Drizzle generously the dressing over the salad, sprinkle some extra sumac over it and enjoy! 

Chef Gabi’s Tip
Sumac is a red powder with a taste resembling of citrus fruits. It is made from the fruits of shrub called rhus and a very popular ingredient in Middle eastern cuisine. It is perfect in salads to add that special fruity fresh note.
Zaatar is a strong aromatic herb from the oregano family. I love to use it fresh in salads and in dishes with potoes and green beans! It supports digestion, has antiseptic properties and provides chlorophyll.

By the way …. In Munich we met Bavarian institution, Chef Alfons Schuhbeck in his famous place “Das Platzl”, where guests can indulge in an extensive speciality tea shop, well stocked spice shop, very special chocolates, home made ice cream (with fancy flavors like lichee pepper pistachio or Wies’n beer – which I gave a try of course – yum), a  relaxed coffee shop and his famous gourmet restaurant and cookery school. I am now even prouder to have had the chance to cook twice next to him at Germany’s well known Friday night cooking show “Lanz kocht” !

Bavarian Bliss – Zwetschgennudeln

Home in Bavaria. For those who don’t know it: It is the most beautiful part of Germany in the very south. I come from a small but famous place surrounded by stunning mountains – a nature scenery I truly treasure close to my heart. Below picture I took on top of mount Untersberg at 1805 m above sea level, you are looking towards Austria (Salzburgerland) here…The green shrubs are mountain pine, they are growing plentiful there.

Apart from this there is a lot of culinary greatness too. Bavaria offers quite a number of vegetarian dishes despite the fact it can’t be named really famous for vegetarian food itself. But Bavarian cuisine is rich in very special sweets (Mehlspeisen). Most of them are to die for, trust me.
We are very particular on how this food has to be prepared. My mother is an expert for a healthy take on these dishes. See what we had today: ZWETSCHGENNUDELN!
Ok, I agree this is difficult to pronounce and equally challenging to understand. Please bear with me and let me explain:
“Zwetschgen” are dark blue plums (they are very different to red or yellow plums).
“Nudeln” is  used in Bavaria for many sweet dishes containing flour as main ingredient.
Here are the delicious details:
We use a very soft and rich dough made of whole spelt, milk, butter, egg and yeast. You have seen another dish (Dampfnudeln) made of it earlier this year on this blog. There we used a steam technique to achieve the best result. For this one here we bake it to create a crust on top and a very soft and fruity inside: The dough is formed to apricot size dumplings, stuffed with a plum and a walnut half and then nestled – this is now very important – on dark blue plums again (we call them Zwetschgen), seasoned with some cinnamon, honey and more butter. All this goes into the oven and is baked for around 20 minutes until a golden crust appears on the surface of the dumplings. By that time the plums have cooked down on the bottom of the baking dish to a compote like, but much less watery texture. It has to be slightly caramelized.
This dish is great in late summer, when the dark blue plums (Zwetschgen) are ripening on the trees. It tastes best when it is still at little bit warm from the oven. We serve it even with vanilla sauce on the side for a most decadent upgrade – Bavarian Bliss!

Enjoy the summer.