After Eight, deconstructed

Chocolate and Mint – this is not new. It is a culinary classic. However, I just love that flavor combination of smooth darkness (chocolate) and bright freshness (mint) in this dessert. This is for mint lovers. And for chocolate fans. Or both.
We made it yesterday, at the end of a sunny summer day and it was just the perfect finish of a dinner. Simple, but surprisingly good! Instructions: You have to take a spoon ful of the mousse, followed by a sip of the mint shooter, and so on….
Get the lemonade recipe here.
The mousse is melted dark chocolate (sugar free, honey sweetened), stirred hot into a mix of whipped cream, sour cream, crème fraîche, honey and a little bit of organic orange zest. Grated chocolate sprinkled on the surface once the mousse is plated in portion glasses, and garnished with the true dark peppermint. The mousse can be prepared in advance, the lemonade is best à l a minute, as we call it.

Chocolate Mousse and Mint Lemonade

Have a lovely day and stay refreshed in summer.