Spring – best time for a cleanse from the inside out

Although it is always good to do regular detoxes, spring is the most popular time to refresh, re-energize and cleanse the body from stored toxins. Getting rid of lazy fat deposits gained over winter, reverse the lack of exercise, increase dramatically oxygen and sunlight intake and dedicate your menu planning to all clean eats has an immediate positive impact on our overall well-being and look.

A program can be tailored and done anywhere and anytime, while at work or on vacation. Whilst during a busy schedule at work it might  be a bit harder to pursue, vacation is a perfect time to reverse some (bad) habits, maybe say good-bye to them for good and introduce healthier lifestyle choices with ease.

Talise Nutrition just got back from a work visit to the Maldives, where our beautiful Resort on Bolifushi Island introduced the Jumeirah Vittaveli’s Talise Wellness Month.

Highly recommended for a Wellness escape Talise style.

Discover your inner balance. XX Chef Gabi

Let me share with you some of my favorite detox recipes, a delicious and healthy, shown at my cooking classes at Jumeirah Vittaveli. Stay tuned, more posts about my trip to the Maldives to come!

Beetroot TARTAR
What to Buy for 2 portions

300 g beetroot, cooked

1 tsp mustard
1 tsp capers
Salt, pepper
¼ bunch chives
50 g cauliflower
30 ml yoghurt

How to Make It

Peel and grate the soft cooked beetroot. Season it with salt, pepper, mustard and chopped capers. Finely cut the chives. For the cauliflower “Remoulade” grate the cauliflower, steam it until al dente and mix it with the yoghurt. Add salt, pepper and a little mustard to taste. Arrange on plate using a ring. Garnish with cauliflower “Remoulade”, finish with chives.

Chef Gabi’s Tip

Beetroots are an excellent food for overall health. Mostly known as a blood builder and blood purifier that help create red blood cells, beetroots help also improve the structure of the blood. Besides this it is great support  to the digestive system, large intestine, and circulatory system.

Cauliflower, a member of the cabbage family, is known as a vegetable supportive to weight management. It acts anti-inflammatory due to its content of Vitamin K and is a great source of dietary fiber and antioxidants.  Antioxidants are essential in destroying free radicals that accelerate the signs of aging. It provides also important B Vitamins like niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, and thiamine.


Eat well and look gorgeous! Easy Everyday Beauty Food

Recently I rediscovered my love for sweet potatoes. When researching for ingredients that bring a wealth of important anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties I found the sweet potato has it all! Extremely high in Vitamin A, also an excellent source for Vitamin C, D, B6 and B5, manganese, iron, triptophan, potassium, dietary fiber this root vegetable can truly help preventing oxidative damage to our cells, to balance energy levels and moods, to support skin, heart, nerves, bones and teeth. Despite its sweet taste the natural sugars are released s l o w l y into the blood stream. Wow.
Here is my new favorite preparation of the orange to purple fleshed root. Easy everyday beauty food that makes you look great:

Baked Sweet Potato with Guacamole, Chives and Sour Cream

This is a relaxed recipe with minimum fuss in the kitchen! Here is how to make it:
Look for smaller sweet potatoes, so you can use one whole sweet potato per portion.
Brush their skin to clean them.

Wrap them in Aluminium foil and bake them at 220 degrees Celsius for around 30-45 minutes, depending on their size and thickness. Test if they are done: Press your fingers against the aluminium foil. You can feel it if they are soft inside.

Then unwrap the sweet potato and open the skin. Mash the sweet potato flesh and season it with a little bit of salt and pepper. Finally spoon on a generous portion of freshly made guacamole (avocado, lemon juice, salt.  I love adding some chilli for a hint of heat to balance the sweetness, in this case I din’t use cilantro nor tomatoes) and sour cream. Top with chives and caramelized onions.

Eat well and look gorgeous!